Our Plan Is To Let Nature’s Plan Direct us.

The topography of Thomas Ranch will dictate the use of every square foot. Open spaces, parks and trails will have first say – before roads and homes, before hospitality, marketplace and recreation sites, before the first ground is broken. All told, over 700 acres of Thomas Ranch, a third of all the land, will remain open, native, natural or as designated parkland.

33% of Thomas Ranch will remain natural or set aside for parks and trails.


Recreation comes naturally here.



Water changes everything. It nourishes life. Revitalizes the spirit. And defines the appeal of a property more than any other natural or man-made feature. In this respect, and so many others, Thomas Ranch is unmatched. 

An abundance of water, from our Pedernales River frontage, to direct access to Lake Travis with its 30 square miles of rejuvenating waters, will enrich the experience of Thomas Ranch’s residents and guests.

As a further enhancement to the many natural streams and creeks throughout Thomas Ranch, there will be extensive trails winding within its borders, encouraging exploration. At Thomas Ranch, nature will always flow easily.

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